Going Cold Turkey

We could make the transition slowly, and avoid detox, but we knew that we would fall off the wagon if we did.  We’re getting rid of anything that can hold us back: old cookbooks, food, cake pans, and whatever else could be a temptation to quit going RAW.  Now our cupboards are embarassingly empty:

No more junk food or processed snacks.

Okay, so these aren’t exactly considered RAW foods, but until we get the dehydrator we are going to have to make do.  The RAGU, peanut butter, and coffee are soon to be gone too and we are taking the jelly back to the grocery store.  This is harder than we thought!

Our new “meat”, lots of nuts and seeds.  Not sure how we are going to use them yet, but I’m excited about learning! (The noodles are going to a new home along with the RAGU.)  Rice is not considered a RAW food, so instead we are using quinoa.  I know we’ve tried it before & didn’t like it, so I’m a little nervous about using it again.

No more processed sugars or saturated fats (Crisco & Margarine), instead we are using honey & olive oil.  RAW foodies rely heavily on herbs & spices to flavor their food and less on salt.  Luckily the only spices I had that didn’t fit the bill were Garlic Salt & Onion Powder.  One thing about RAW food is it smells delicious!

We used to have white flour, sugar, and sweets in these jars.  Now we have whole oats, kashi, and trail mix.  It’s amazing how many sugary products we used to have around the house!  And we thought we were eating healthy.


Veggies, hummus, eggs, and whole milk.  It doesn’t look like much, but this is supposed to feed us for the next week.  Looking at these pictures, I’m getting a little nervous.  I hope we have enough food and don’t feel hungry all the time.  Well, there’s no going back now.  Let the journey begin!

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