Tabouleh, or not Tabouleh…

Today’s lunch is Tabouleh (tah-Boo-le), made with sprouted Quinoa.  I decided to start with something we’ve tried before, and liked, in hopes of making the transition a little bit easier.  Tabouleh is a Mediterranean Salad that usually consists of: parsley, bulgar, mint, tomato, onion, lemon juice, olive oil, cinnamon, allspice, and other herbs.  The traditional salad is comprised mostly of parsley, while the american version is more grainy and contains mostly bulgar.  Tabouleh is typically served on a bed of lettuce, cabbage, or grape leaves.  It’s a pretty simple dish and can be eaten alone or as a side dish.  My 7 yr. old really liked it.

Quinoa (keen-WAH) is an amazing little grain packed full of protein, 24g per serving size.  Often referred to as “The Mother Grain”, Quinoa is the only grain that is considered a complete protein with nine essential amino acids.  It has a nutty, crunchy flavor when it is sprouted.

The Benefits:

  • Highest source of protein in a “grain”
  • Good source of  Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), helpful in reducing Migraines
  • Gluten Free
  • Low in Sodium, Saturated Fat, & Cholesterol
  • High in Omega 3’s
  • Good source of Folate

Sprouted Quinoa has a high Glycemic Load of 62 (the daily target should be no more than 100) so if you are diabetic it would be advisable to cook it, lowering the G.L. to 18.

Try making your own Quinoa Tabouleh with this recipe.  You will first need to sprout your Quinoa, which will take at least 24 hours.  One recipe usually makes enough servings for 8 people.

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