“Then God said, ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it.  They will be yours for food.”

-Genesis 1:29

I love the idea of a Genesis, a new beginning. The process of change can often be difficult and feel unrewarding but, if we stick with it, in the end we have something beautiful.   We invite you to explore the possibility of renewed health with living foods.  Take some time to look around and see what we have to inspire you:

Going RAW

Follow us, the Hevels, as we progress from our Standard American Diet (SAD) to an all RAW lifestyle.  See what works (and what doesn’t).  Celebrate our successes and share in our struggles as we learn how to get a complete diet with living foods.

Cooking with Chef Alisia

Coming Soon!

Simple Additions

It’s important to supplement, even if you aren’t eating RAW.  When looking for a reliable supplement, you should consider the following criteria: Are the supplements whole foods based? (meaning they are made from natural food sources and are as close to their natural state as possible), Is the company is reputable? (check with the BBB), Are the products thoroughly researched?, Are the products independently tested?, Do the products come with a money back guarantee?

One company that fits this criteria is GNLD International.  They are a 50 year old company who’s motto is, “Based in Nature, Backed by Science.”  They have a wide variety of supplements, vitamins,  and herbals to fit your lifestyle and offer a full money back guarantee.  To ensure that their products meet the highest possible standards, GNLD has its own Scientific Advisory Board and works with scientists from all over the world who make up the Health Professionals Council.  They have an A+ rating with the BBB and are licensed with the FDA.

They are the company we choose to supplement with, and from time to time we will feature the products we recommend to help balance out your nutritional needs.


Sign up for a healthy cooking class, discover local events that teach you how to make healthier choices, or find great deals on local foods.  Look here for what’s happening and see how you can get involved.  (Sorry, all events limited to the Columbia,SC area.)

Get it Fresh!

Want to know where to find the freshest foods in your area?  Check here for information about local Farmers Markets and organic health food stores.  Don’t see anything in your local area?  Got a suggestion for a location not listed?  Contact Us and let us know!


Find all the recipes we try (and like) on our blog here.  Print them out, try them at home, and then rate them!  Share your experiences and make a new recipe of your own.  Most of all, enjoy!

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